European Laity of the Chevalier Family Meeting, Lyon

A representative from the MSC Lay Associates of this parish recently participated in a meeting of the European Laity of the Chevalier family held in Lyon. Members from seven European countries reflected over two days on their experiences of living out the vision of the MSCs and their founder, Fr Chevalier, and of being witnesses and instruments of God’s love, healing and mercy in their countries. It was encouraging to find that many of the groups, despite no longer belonging to a parish served by the MSCs, maintain close connections with MSC priests and Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

The Associates described how they meet regularly for prayer, spiritual sharing, working with the bible or discussions about texts, reflection and for liturgical celebrations and voluntary work. Their experience resonates with our own here in St Albans where the MSCs have created a legacy that can be seen in all parish activities.

Your English delegate came away from the meeting convinced that for the future, like our European friends, the laity needs to be continually aware of the Spirituality of the Heart and how it should guide us through prayer, and participating in voluntary and caring activities that witness to making God’s love known wherever and whenever it is needed most.