Frequently Asked Question’s – First Holy Communion

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Q1. Is FiF just another FHC Programme?
No. FiF is designed to help Parent’s to deepen their own faith and be ready to pass on the faith to their children. So while preparation for First Holy Communion is indeed part of this process, it is so much more as it involves the whole family.

FiF is not just another name for our previous Holy Communion programme.

Q2. What is the structure of FIF?
On the first Saturday of every month, there will be family sessions on Saturday afternoons beginning at 4.15 pm to which you will be invited. We will gather, pray, share, learn about our faith and celebrate mass together at 6.00 pm. Together we will engage in activities and conversations.

In addition, we will offer parent-only sessions on the third Monday of each month via Zoom starting at 8.00 pm.  This will enable parents to deepen their own understanding of the faith and to help explain this faith in the home.

Q3. Why did you make the change this year?
It has been painfully recognised that around 95% of children who receive their First Holy Communion don’t attend Mass regularly, or are not engaged in the Church’s life after their preparation.

The real sadness is that 95% of our children in the past have become “lost sheep” through no fault of their own so early in their faith journey. Although there is a higher expectation in how we engage as whole families in FIF, it is for the sake of our young people that we have made this change.

Q4. Is it only for parents with children in year 3 / FHC age?
No – FiF is for families with children aged between 7 and 11 years or school year 2 to year 6. You might already be engaged with your faith and the Church and be looking to deepen your understanding for the sake of your child, or you might not yet be as engaged as you would like to be and hence seeking the sacraments for your child is your motivation.

Q5. How many sessions are there?
The whole reason we are investing in our young families is to help parents on their own faith journey. This is ongoing and we pray that it will encourage you to engage in activities and become an active member within the parish.

As everyone is at a different place in their journey there is no set number of sessions but rather an encouragement to become engaged in the parish and in your faith, and so help you to pass the faith on to your children.

Q6. Do I have to come to all of the sessions?
We all have many demands on our time  – we recognise this and occasionally clashes will occur. However this faith formation is important in your own faith development and hence your child’s formation.

Therefore we expect regular attendance, and more importantly engagement.

Q7. It was much easier for my older children, do I have to do this again?
Yes. We recognise that family formation has been lacking in the past and as it is key to passing on the faith to the next generation, we are making this a priority.

Q8. What is expected of us as parents?
To fulfil the commitment you made when you got your child baptised; to bring them up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us.

FiF formation will help you to deepen your faith and engage with the Church more fully and be able to keep the commitment you made. In terms of duration, ideally any family with children between the ages of 7 and 11 years will be engaged with FiF.

Q9. How do I know when my child is ready for the sacraments?
Not everyone will be ready at the same time and part of the journey in the faith is to discern the readiness of your child, irrespective of age. When the time comes parents and parish will discern together and agree their readiness.

Q10. When will I know the date of my child’s FHC?
One of the joys of FiF is that when the family and child are ready, then preparation for receiving the sacraments will begin. There is no set date for the celebration of the sacraments and so there is a lot of flexibility as to when it take place. This does mean that there is no date set as you commence the FiF Formation and as you engage in the process.

When it is discerned by both parents and the parish that your child is ready, a convenient date can be set.

Q11. Can our children celebrate their FHC with their friends?
Of course. It would be wonderful if small groups of children and their families would prepare together and then celebrate together.

Q12. When does FiF start?
30 September 2023 is when we have our first FiF Session. You may register by clicking the button at the top of this page
Also see Q14

Q13. How much does this cost?
There is a cost for resources. This is currently £20 per family and will be payable when you register for FiF formation. We would never want the cost to be a barrier and so please let us know if this might be the case.

Q14. How do I register for the FiF journey?
Simply click the button towards the top of this page and complete the application form. Once you are registered you will receive regular updates about times and sessions.

Q15. What are the alternatives?
If you feel that this is too much of a commitment at this time, you can always wait until you feel ready to be able to engage with FiF as your circumstances change. FIF runs throughout the year and you can choose to engage at any time.