2021 St Albans Sustainability Festival

'Walk the Chalk' walk

Thank you for choosing the Walk the Chalk walk, part of the 2021 St Albans Sustainability Festival.

The walk has been arranged by the Ss Alban and Stephen Justice and Peace Group and our theme is “Live Simply”. 

When completing the walk, please remember – 

  • To cross roads safely and follow current COVID regulations. 
  • Make sure you keep children safe and accompanied at all times. 
  • The walk can be completed in either direction, from and to any point on the route. 
  • Bus 653 runs between the Quadrant and St Albans City Station. 
  • There are toilets in Clarence Park and at the Quadrant [next to the library]. 
  • There is a cafe in Clarence Park and cafes/shops nearby on Hatfield Road. 
  • Other cafes/shopping facilities are available on Victoria Street. 
  • There are cafes and shopping facilities at the Quadrant. 
  • To consider stopping for a picnic in Clarence Park, the Wick or the Sherwood Park Recreation Ground, Sherwood Avenue. 
  • To look out for the “Live Simply” chalk messages; perhaps your children might be good at spotting them? 
  • To take time to enjoy the walk, perhaps thinking or talking about how to adopt a simpler lifestyle. 

The ‘Live Simply’ chalk markings will be viewable between 1st and 6th June, along the route specified on the map below

(Hazlemere Road – The Ridgeway – Barnfield Road – Jersey Lane – Marshal’s Drive – The Wick – Sandpit Lane – Beaumont Ave – Salisbury Ave – Eaton Road – Woodstock Road S – Brampton Road – York Road – Clarence Park – Hatfield Road – Beaconsfield Road)

Map ©google.com 

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Sustainability Festival - Sunday 23 May to Sunday 6 June 2021

Also known as SustFest21, the Sustainability Festival 2021 is a two week festival taking place from 23rd May to 6th June 2021 across St Albans District – in St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn, Wheathampstead, Sandridge, London Colney, Colney Heath, St Michael and St Stephen.

The Festival is organised by the charity Sustainable St Albans in partnership with St Albans Friends of the Earth group. Each year volunteers from the two groups and other interested people create a working group to organise the festival.

The aim of the Sustainability Festival is to get as many local people as possible to create and attend events so they are inspired to live more sustainably. Collectively, we can reduce the carbon footprint of St Albans District, which historically had one of the highest carbon footprints in the country. Together we can improve natural habitats for our district’s animals, birds, insects and plants. As a community we can link up, talk, build friendships, have fun, reduce isolation and strengthen our networks. The sustainability of our district needs us to work together so we can tread as lightly as possible and preserve what we have for future generations.

SustFest21 is the fifth Sustainability Festival.

Please click the link below to find out more about #SustFest21.

Link to susfest.org