Recognising Modern Slavery - 6th September 2018

About 30 people attended this very informative talk. The Hertfordshire Constabulary Operation Tropic team was launched about 2 years ago to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking in Hertfordshire. Duncan explained that modern slavery is closer than we think. Victims could be labouring on a nearby building site, giving manicures at a nail salon, working at a car-wash, or even working as agency staff in reputable businesses. The Operation Tropic team rely on the community to help identify such victims, who can be any age, gender, nationality or ethnicity. Some signs to look out for include:

Behaviour - withdrawn and not willing to talk, or allow others to speak for them when addressed directly

Work - inappropriate clothing for the job and no rest area

More detailed information can be found on the website

If you think someone might be a victim of modern slavery you can call the 24/7 Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 121 700, or if you would prefer to speak directly to the police in a non-emergency, call 101.

Parish Summer Garden Party – 1st July 2018

The Parish Summer Garden party was held in grounds of Loreto School. Parishioners basked in the warm afternoon sun, listening to live music, visiting the stalls, playing on the bouncy castle and on the ride-on models of horses, camels, zebras, elephants, etc. An enormous selection of cakes, as well ice cream, tea, soft drinks and free candy floss were available all afternoon.

Saints helping us today - 14th June 2018

Following the success of the Let It Be DVD course most of the participants were interested in a follow-on course on the Saints helping us today. The course was again run on Thursdays in the morning and in the evening with light refreshments beforehand.

Let It Be - 22nd February 2018

A series of 5 DVD talks on how Mary can help us in our lives and strengthen our faith. The course was run on Thursday mornings and repeated in the evening with light refreshments beforehand. Both sessions were well attended apart from session two when a heavy snow fall made travelling difficult and hazardous. This session was therefore repeated after the course when the weather was better.