Lent reading group

Lent 2022 - Parish Book Club

If you would like to join with other parishioners in reading this book and then sharing your thoughts for an hour each week during Lent then please sign up below.

Let Us Dream

By Pope Francis, in conversation with Dr Austen Ivereigh.


This year we hope to set up some book clubs in the parish to run weekly throughout Lent to read a new book, “Let Us Dream” recently written by Pope Francis.

In this book the Pope asks us to consider the impact of the Covid pandemic on society, both locally and globally. He wants us to choose our way forward based on what we have seen during the pandemic and to look at how to put those plans into action.

In the words of Dr Austen Iverleigh who co-authored the book “In his response to the crisis, Francis was not simply serving up diagnoses and prescriptions. What concerned him was the process of transformation itself: how historic change happens, how we resist or embrace that process, the dynamic of conversion.”

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A time to allow God to be a bigger part of our lives

The 40 days of Lent are a time for Christians to prepare for the celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection at Easter.  As the world begins to return to a new normal following the Covid pandemic how do we make space for the awesomeness of God and the saving words and actions of Jesus.

Moving towards God by Prayer, Work and Action

Christian tradition suggests there are 3 ways that we can use Lent to journey towards God.  Here are some ideas that could help you

What will you choose to do?

3 ways that we can to use Lent to journey towards God

  • Choose a time each day for a short period of prayer – Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. You could pick a particular intention for each day and combine it with a Bible reading
  • A more ambitious challenge might be to say the Rosary (15-20 minutes) each day, or several times a week
  • Join the Way of the Cross at 9.30am each Saturday morning during Lent, in the Church or online
  • Join a small Prayer Group – the parish has several groups already or you could set up a group with some friends – the parish can help with materials to use
  • Read a chapter or a few verses from the Bible each day. For example, Luke’s Gospel is being read on Sunday and at our Easter liturgy this year – reflect on these verses
    for a few minutes
  • Read a gospel commentary before Sunday Mass each week – wednesdayword.org, stpaulcenter.comwordonfire.org
  • Choose a book to read (e.g. The Little Way by St Therese) or church document (e.g. Evangelii Gaudium or Dei Verbum)
  • Join Parish group in reading “Let us Dream” by Pope Francis and Austin Ivereigh
  • Giving up some foods or drink, either throughout Lent or on certain days – Giving up some social media or certain TV programmes
  • Visiting someone who is sick or lonely, regularly through Lent
  • Make weekly donations to St Albans Foodbank
  • Take part in Cafod Family Fast Day, or volunteer for a charity ( https://cafod.org.uk/Fundraise/Family-Fast-Day ), or volunteer for a charity.