Deacon Steve's 10th Anniversary of Ordination - 27th June

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Alban Pilgrimage 22nd June 2019

Finding Silence - Worth Abbey 13th-16th May 2019

Worth Abbey Report 13th – 16th May 2019

Excellent weather accompanied the 12 of us at Worth Abbey this year. Everyone who came was either a parishioner, had heard about it from a parishioner or had visited our parish and found it in the bulletin or had been before and let their friends or relatives know.

Apart from keeping silence for the specified time, it was made clear that nothing was compulsory. We were invited to join the monks in their daily prayer schedule starting at 6.20am every morning and Fr Gabriel, the youngest of the monks, gave us 6 sessions and made himself available to anyone who wanted to chat.

We made use of the beautiful and well-kept grounds, the Quiet Garden and the church which was open 24/7.

It was an opportunity to waste time with God and was both peaceful and blessed.

Parish Friends Tea Party - 12th May 2019 - Thank you

Parish Friends would like to thank everyone who helped in any way to make Sunday's Tea Party such a successful occasion. About 50 guests enjoyed the wonderful scones and cakes and the superb entertainment from the Ukulele Sunshine Band. Thank you to drivers, bakers and all helpers for enabling us to put on a special afternoon for the parish. One of our best and totally appreciated and enjoyed by our guests.

Friends of the Holy Land - 4/5 May 2019

Thank you for your response to the recent parish appeal from Friends of the Holy Land which raised almost £1,800 to support our Christian brothers and sisters. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by those who receive help from FHL. Last year they responded to around 200 ad hoc emergency requests for help with the cost of operations, medication, medical equipment and family support. With no NHS the cost of these is often prohibitive, putting families who are already struggling into a desperate situation.